Studio William FENECH

41 Avenue d’Espagne, 66400 Céret

Opening times :
All year round from Tuesday to Saturday inclusive from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. non-stop by appointment on 06 25 72 76 50


The Artist

William Fenech is a self-taught artist whose deep-rooted tradition of oil on canvas is nonetheless resolutely attuned to the present. He works with a broad range of subjects and enjoys painting people (barroom scenes, musicians, clowns, nudes…) as well as landscapes, seascapes and other subjects.

autoportrait William Fenech artiste peintreHis talent for drawing and capacity for work have created a powerfully unique oeuvre which despite its diversity shows a rare consistency of expression, feeling and emotion.

Fenech defines himself as a figurative expressionist. His subjects are not related by chance. His work is imagined, sketched, and then skillfully orchestrated; afterwards, he destroys it with spontaneous gestures in order to give it greater artistic dimension. In so doing, he brings to bear his personal notions – covering the space with vivid and instinctive lines, moving about constantly to evaluate the dimension of his painting, then brushing in the colors – in order to add power, intensity and magic to the finished painting as a whole.

Fenech’s work is closely followed by a constantly-growing circle of amateurs and collectors both in France and abroad.